Ring 244 Mentalism Night

February, 2009

Photos Submitted by Mike Maione

Master of Ceremonies

feb09-10.jpg feb09-14.jpg
Wait?...is that Jack Nicholson? (Editor's note: Ya' hadda be there!) Do you kids know who Bogie is?
feb09-17.jpg feb09-21.jpg
Whatever card I say just agree with me...ok? Same here, three of hearts...right?
feb09-23.jpg feb09-27.jpg
OK, you each picked 3 numbers, now just tell me one of the numbers...let me add them up...now someone else add them up.... Very nice unfolded prediction by Terry
feb09-30.jpg feb09-34.jpg
feb09-37.jpg feb09-4.jpg
feb09-41.jpg feb09-47.jpg

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